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Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend PIC Up: Some Change

With the change of the seasons come some change in my blog!

I figured this weeks PIC up would be the perfect opportunity to introduce the latest changes to my blog, as well as in my life! So much has happened in such little time, I'm finding myself completely overwhelmed. 

After the first NOVEMBER (what?)...I was ready for a change. The most obvious one, the blog name! Although I loved "wanderlust" and what it stood for to me, I was feeling much more minimalistic and was yearning for something sweet, simple, and to the point. name! I often complain about the lack of nick names my given name offers. I've always wanted something simple that screamed "me." Then I, well why not just your actual name? "cristina marie" seems to just flow off my tongue, so why not?! Be cautious though...the font and design of it may be changing in the near future. That's just the perfectionist in me.

Change, change, change. What else is new?
I'm newly employed!! I just recently got a part time job with, none other than, Anthropologie. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am, though I have never worked in retail before. Being that I'm ready for change, this opportunity was perfect. I'm hoping to truly find my niche as far as careers go. Combining my love for fashion/home decor and knowledge of business; seems ingenious doesn't it? We'll see what this opportunity brings!

Aside from that, I'm exploring the possibility of graduating this semester and beginning my journey in the real world. Nail biting, I know. Potential internships have sprung about in my path as well, probably being the most overwhelming aspect of my life right now: figuring out what path to embark on. But that will just have to fall into place as the days go by.

Enough talking! This has been my life recently...via my iPhone :)

{i love fall & patty cakes}
{city life}

{new default?}

{snow in novemeber, right}
{pup in snow}

{fall fest}

{stylish babes}


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