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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And the winner is...

The movies involved in this year's Oscars were remarkable, but my main reason for tuning in is always the fashion.

It should not go unmentioned, however, the undoubtedly breathtaking performance that the cast of Les Miserables gave us all. I have always been a fan of the musical, but this performance absolutely blew my mind! Miss Hathaway shocked me with her strong yet angelic voice.

Back to the fashion...
Although many of the actors came dressed to the T, there are a select few that stood out more so than others. Being that we are in the midst of celebrating 50 fabulous years of Bond, it would be wrong to leave out the flawless Halle Berry wearing a stunning Versace dress.


Though she seems to be having an unfortunate pattern of wardrobe mishaps (let's not forget the commonly mistaken malfunction of the paneled Christian Dior Haute couture dress), Jennifer Lawrence still looked phenomenal. Despite falling face forward walking upstage, J Lawr rocked yet another Dior Haute Couture dress.


The star that stole the show, though on the arm of her Oscar nominee, had to have been Stacey Keibler.  

Draped in metal, this Naeem Kahn dress hit the current studded trend on point while maintaing a feminine feel. This piece is edgy yet poised and looks absolutely stunning on this beauty!

Naeem Kahn

A big "CONGRATULATIONS" to all of this year's nominees and winners! It has truly proven to be an amazing cinematic year. 

Now I have to run out at go watch all of those great movies! :)