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Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Inspiration

Even though the summer ending is usually a depressing time, there's always something about it that makes me happy. As I was in the process of my hourly Pinterest routine...I realized what it is I'm so excited about for the fall.


As much as I love the summer, with its lack of school, warm weather, and feelings of freedom, fall fashion always makes me feel warm inside. There's something about putting on a pair of jeggings, a cozy sweater, and a pair of nice, tall boots that makes me the happiest little girl ever. Add a cup of hot cocoa and a fireplace and I'll be in heaven.

Pinterest may inspire the majority of my daily outfits, but it always leaves me feeling a bit empty; whether the emptiness is in my closet or my wallet. Why can't pinning things make them magically appear in my wardrobe? When one of you finds a way to make this happen, be sure to let me know!

Friday, July 27, 2012

take 2: first blog

This is my second try at my first blog...if that makes any sense. I've always enjoyed reading other people's blogs and taking note of how they do things on their site. When it came to making one of my own, however, it was like trying to read Chinese.

I tend to freeze up when I'm about to start something new. I love planning it, coming up with different ideas, and talking about it. But when it comes down to the last second, sitting down and actually getting to it...I get scared. It's been a problem of mine since I was young.

Being afraid to do something, and doing it wrong.

I know it's a stupid fear, but I always think there's a right way and a wrong way to do things. And knowing my luck, I'll end up doing the latter. If I have someone with me though, I'll be okay. Like their presence will make things better. I know, stupid. Even buying things...I tend to reach a couple products back before I choose the one I'm going to buy, thinking that the one in the front is somehow "tarnished."

Trust me, as I'm writing this I realize how weird I sound.

But anyways, this is my second attempt at starting a blog and I consider this my legitimate attempt. So here it goes...wish me luck!