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Monday, July 29, 2013

Nerd Alert!

I don't think I have appropriately expressed the degree to which I love my lists and organizing/planning. For that, I apologize. Maybe had I done so more efficiently, this post would not come as a surprise to you (or possibly freak you out).

I. Love. Lists.

Any chance I get, I will grab a piece of paper and a pen and number away. Whether it's a shopping list, to do list, or even a "what to pack" list...I've written one. I find that it helps me keep better track of all the chaos in my life. Which is why I was absolutely ecstatic when I found these two apps for my iPhone.

Any.Do and Cal are productivity apps found in the iTunes store (for free, mind you) that help keep your daily life in order. Any.Do allows you to create and personalize your To Do lists and map out your activities for the day. You are able to set reminders and add notes within the tasks to keep you one hundred percent on top of your game. Cal is, as you may have guessed, a calendar app...on steroids. The interface of this app is absolutely amazing and entirely user friendly. You are able to perform typical calendar functions as well as personalize them to your liking. The app includes daily themed pictures featured in the background of each day. These two apps are synced within each other so that once you have created your lists, they appear on your calendar the day in which you set out to do them (hello --  PERFECT!). One of my favorite functions about these apps is the ability to get direction navigation directly from within the Cal app. Let's say you have an appointment and you've input the information including the location, you are then able to click on the embedded map and are brought to your Maps app.

If you're still confused (and because I haven't given these apps justice) go check them out in the App Store!




Hope you nerds enjoy it as much as me! :)


Saturday, July 6, 2013

In the spirit of 'MURICA

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!

Surrounded by all the patriotism and spirit that comes along with this holiday, I felt extremely encouraged to sit down and finally blog. It has been way too long. But as a little teaser, take a gander at my celebration of the land of the free!

Chambray shirt: Forever 21 (similar) || White shorts: Banana Republic (similar) || Shoes: Sperry Top Sider (similar) || Lips: MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo || Watch: Michael Kors

Jenks Boardwalk with my girls.

Beautiful fireworks on Point Pleasant Beach.
(still trying to figure out videos on this blog)

I finally got to see Patrick after he got out of work!

We made some S'mores...and dodged the smoke from the fire.

Stars, Stripes & Sparklers... Happy 'Murica Day everyone!