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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This post is definitely LONG overdue.

Over winter break, my family, boyfriend, and I traveled to the warm and sunny Florida! It was just what I needed -- a little getaway.

After my best semester of my college career (Dean's list, what upppp!), a vacation was the perfect reward. Not to mention that 80 degree weather is a good change from the current freezing, slushiness of  New Jersey.

Here are "some" of the highlights (so hard to choose):

view from our house

playing around with my new camera ;]

those things were terrifying

my kind of life

Pat, Dad, & I snorkeling

couldn't be more at peace

i need one of these

Hemmingway's cats

Southermost Point!

my personal, life-size tripod


my biggest catch

on top of the world


night out in Miami

Alisa's view of Miami from her apartment. NBD 
best friend since 2nd grade <3
baby struggling a little the next day...

perfect day on the beach

we <3 hammocks

love this view

I absolutely cannot wait to return to the Keys and Miami again! Florida in the winter is by far the best weather I have ever experienced. Too bad there isn't the perfect place in which every day is like that...

A girl can dream though, right?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Man, have I been MIA!

My attempts at putting up short posts for the holidays only to blog later in more depth wound up being a complete fail. Between graduating, "moving back" to my parents for the holidays, and vacationing to Florida...I haven't found the time, or strength, to sit down and just write. Though I must say I have been craving it! Maybe I was just overwhelmed with all of the potential posts I haven't/want to post.

Nonetheless, I am back! Before I move forward onto everything I want to (and plan to) accomplish, let us throw it back to the holidays. I mean, who doesn't want it to still be holiday season? Especially since this Christmas and New Year had treated me pretty well!

playing with the most amazing Christmas present ever!
dad & son
couple o' nerds 
my dad's little composition

Lovely gifts from my amazing boyfriend :]

Absolutely LOVE my gift from my CFLJK Secret Santa! Thank you, Lucy!

trip to NYC with the Crazy Fatties for the cupcake tour!
a very Zeta NYE!

NYE with my baby!

So many good memories from 2012...but I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer.
Waiting for that cliche quote?

New year. New me!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ring It In!

Wishing you all an amazing new year!

...maybe this will be my year