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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Night{mare} stand

After four years of college -- 2 years in the dorms, 2 years off campus -- for my 5th year, I decided to make this year perfect. At least in terms of my room...especially after having a closet for a room last year.

I started out by painting my room a pleasant and relaxing grey/tan. Then, after hours and hours on Pinterest, I came up with a bunch of projects that I want to do. As they get done one by one, I'll be blogging about them, so don't worry!

My next step is to get a nightstand. I have been on the hunt for one ALL summer! But nothing is ever quite right...there goes my inability to make decisions again. I've been using the drawers that go under desk for now -- MUY inconvenient.

My first thought, obviously, was...IKEA! My heaven. But through my ongoing search, I still can't make a decision. :(

Originally I had seen this one when my mom and I first walked in. I thought it looked very cute and was a good size (especially the surface area on top). But then it seemed to be clunky once I saw the next one.

I saw this one later on in the store with the rest of the nightstands. I liked the airy feel to it and its simplicity. I also like that you could put books and stuff on the bottom and see them. The only thing that didn't sell me on this one was the fact that it wasn't as wide or as deep as the other one. By about 2 inches both ways.

Once I got home -- without a night stand -- I started looking online again hoping that the perfect night stand would somehow miraculously appear. Since I kind of had more of a feeling of the look I wanted, searching was a little easier. I came across this one on both the Target and Walmart sites. It was kind of like a compromise between the 2 previous ones. It was a little wider and deeper, and had that airy feel. The only thing about this one is that it isn't as tall. I'm gonna have to go see it in person.

Decisions, decisions, enemies. Although it sucked leaving Ikea without a night stand, again...I did end up buying a bookshelf for my room! My mom and I had gone back and forth on whether or not I should buy one. Then, when we figured I should, the impossible mission of deciding what kind of bookcase I should get began. Even though I love white furniture and the look of traditional bookcases, I didn't want my room to seem too packed with harsh, brute furniture.

So I settled on this!


I love how it's so open and accessible! The top 3 shelves have a glass bottom, which gives even more of an open feeling.

I can't wait until my room is completely finished! But I am enjoying the process of getting there.

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