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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Proof I'm Alive

I have been gone for far too long! After going on vacation for a week, I'm slowly getting my life back in order before school starts up again. 

I figure I would update you on my whereabouts via my pictures since I am way too burnt out to try to write it out.

Plus pictures are more interesting :)

 {gorgeous view}


 {first night out}

 {casually playing fruit ninja}

 {pat's clearly really good at mini golf}

 {don't mess with us}


 {out to dinner...preps}

 {still can't believe we can legally drink -___- }



 {all of us out}

 {can't believe we saw dolphins!}

 {beach lovin'}

 {burlesque bar!}

 {AC champs}

 {i want one of these}

{Wildwood...another great vacation}

That pretty much sums up my vacation...kind of. I'm sure I'll be blogging like crazy now that I'm back! I have plenty of stuff to share :)

Until next time!

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