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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend (life) PIC Up

hi again!

Within the past few weeks, I feel like there have been a number of little events.

A few weeks ago, my freshman floor finally had a successful reunion! It was so much fun and made me miss being 18, young & wild. Too bad I'm not as good at taking pictures every two seconds like I was back then.

Just within my sorority, my family now has two new, gorgeous, perfect members and the latest class just became initiated! I also realized that it has been FOUR years (on April 3) since my pledge class was initiated!! I'm still in shock.

Although it has been extremely exciting, all of this has made me feel ridiculously old. Plus the fact that I am turning 23...oy! There needs to be some wild celebrations to distract from the fact that I'm ancient.

The latest news? My house is dog sitting again!

If only I had one of my own...

Assini & me before going out

Ran into Bry & Laur at the bar!

I am the oldest of these perfect dynasty and I love every minute of it.

My perfect littlests!

Me love my little long time.

Alpha Omegas back in '09!

Perfect day to be outside with this little pup.

I need a convertible. Now.

Sleepy Soph

Hey there, little one.

Now that it officially feels like's time to put some major spring cleaning into action. Who knows what is in store for me this coming month.


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