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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pinch Me

PINCHme...this has to be a dream! 

A few weeks ago, one of my friends introduced me to the site called PINCHme. She was always talking about how she reviews and rates products that she gets for free. The first thing I thought of was how this is what a lot of bloggers (especially my favorites) do, so obviously it was something I was interested in. Besides...who doesn't enjoy free things?! 

After she invited me to join her PINCHme network, I was so excited to get started! Basically, you choose a few products to add to your box and within 14 days (mine came in less than a week!) you receive the cutest little package in the mail with all of your products. (Please ignore the condition of my box. It endured a rough journey apparently.) 

My first box included two items (which I had chosen from a selection):

1. Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara in Black

Mascara is kind of a big deal with me. My lashes aren't the worst, but they aren't the the type of mascara I use really needs to do the trick. (I usually go for volumizing mascaras). 
Thoughts: This mascara wasn't all that bad. It gave a pretty natural look and I feel like it also extended my lashes. Would I purchase it with me own money? Probably not. But I enjoyed trying it out!

2. Gevalia Caramel Mocchiato k-cup

This one was a little tricky. It was the only other product from the selection that seemed appealing. Only thing is...I don't drink coffee (I kinda start to shake if I do). So in order to review this one, I gave it to my boyfriend -- the coffee fiend. He's actually had it before and really liked it so he was thrilled when I showed up to his door with this assignment. 

"Good for people who don't like coffee. Tastes great! Drink it for the taste, not the effect." - Pat

Maybe I should have tried it after all haha.

After testing out each product, you return to your PINCHme account to review the products with a few scale-based questions. The fun doesn't stop then get to choose what to include in your NEXT box! This time I was allotted 3 items. I chose 2 creams, one facial and one body, and (get ready..) the Lady Gaga perfume. Can you believe it?! I get to test out a perfume FOR FREE!!! Perfumes are one of things I hate to run out of because 1) I never know what to get/try out and
2) they're just so darn expensive! I feel like I would try out way more scents if they weren't so $$$. I could even be missing out on my signature smell!!

That was some tangent huh...anyway, so far I'm really enjoying this program and definitely recommend all of you to at least check it out! Below is a link to this site as well as an invite from me to join!!

PINCHme                Join me at PINCHme!

Kinda makes you feel exclusive, doesn't it? ;)

If you try it out, be sure to let me know what you think!

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