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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Summertime Sadness: May Highlights's fall.

I feel like I was just on the hunt for the newest and cutest bikinis, and now (not that I have a problem with it) I'm searching for the biggest and coziest sweaters. Honestly...where has the time gone?!

Probably since the song came out, I had the most genius idea to feature my summer highlights using the title Summertime Sadness (wow, must have been so hard to come up with that). Being that I was quite forgetful over the summer months to keep you all up to date on my activities and whereabouts, I figured I'd make a series of posts dedicated to reminiscing about those beloved summer months. On top of that, I kiiiind of strategically planned to wait until a Throwback Thursday so everything would "fall" together. See what I did there? ;) Also, since it is JUST starting to feel like fall I can officially put the summer behind me (metaphorically, of course).

So let's get started with the month of...



After some (much needed) extra time at college, I finally received my diploma :) I couldn't have asked for more when it comes to my college career...except maybe some more time haha. I never wanted to leave!

This had to be one of the biggest, most exciting moments during the month of May. As happy as I seem in the picture above, it was also really sad to say goodbye to the place I had spent the last 5 years at. Just thinking about it now is getting me all worked up. Thankfully, I'll be going back for Homecoming in less than a week!

Some more pictures from graduation...

I can't even begin to explain to you how hot it was during the main ceremony. It was on the football field  which, when you're at the bottom of the pit, seems to never receive any breeze whatsoever. So if I seem a little sweaty in these pictures, cut me a break please!

Pat, his parents, and I after the main ceremony!

I swear...we couldn't be normal even if our lives depended on it!

Absolutely love my Zetas <3

I was so thankful Felice was able to make it to my graduation! She has been one of my best friends since freshman year (not that she had a choice). 

This was such a weird yet rewarding feeling to finally receive my diploma from the #1 Business School in New Jersey!

My biggest support system since day 1. Thank you for making all of this possible. I love you both!'

Just some of marketing babes with the Dean of Marketing haha.

Pat and I at our celebratory dinner with our families. Such a great way to end an amazing day.

As you can probably tell, graduation was a big part of May for me. Aside from that, here are a couple of pictures from some other memorable moments...

Pat and my last formal ever!!! I still can't believe that we're not in college anymore.

I'm still in love with that dress. Can I wear it every day? Is that weird?

These 2 pictures actually make me want to cry. On the left is a picture of me and my sorority family. CHAMP FAM BEST FAM. My family is filled with some of the most loving and beautiful girls I know. I miss them more and more every day. I don't think the picture on the right needs much explaining. Senior Zetas just didn't want to graduate. 

Starting the summer with some family time for my mom's birthday and mother's day!

All in all, ending my 5th year of college with some of these great events in May wasn't a bad way to go out. I just wish it didn't have to end.

Out with the old, in with the new!


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