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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Summertime Sadness: June Highlights

First of all, I want to talk about how it was supposed to be miserable outside this weekend but turned out to be absolutely beautiful. The bright, sunny weather didn't really make me miss summer enough to want to write about it. I wanted to enjoy the here and now.

But since I still have a few months to go, I have to keep on truckin'.


I started of the month with a post-grad celebration in Hoboken. Even though it was only my second time in this wonderful city, I fell in love all over again. The second I get a job, I will be seeing you again, Hoboken. This my home <3

Next up, a nice celebration for my boyfriend's 22nd birthday. I don't think I stopped singing that Taylor Swift song for a good week or so. I don't hate it.

As a belated celebration of our 2 year anniversary, Pat took me to see The Little Mermaid musical at the Paper Mill Playhouse! Not only was it amazing because it has always been my favorite Disney tale, but a fellow ZTA sister's actual sister was performing in the show! It was absolutely amazing and I would definitely go see it again.

Pat and I standing outside the theater.

Okay, so June was apparently filled with a million celebrations. This is before we went out in Belmar for Kelli's birthday. Lucy wasn't able to make it, but obviously we saved a spot for her :)

Trips to New York means....

Seeing the one and only, CHOPIN! He seriously gets cuter and cuter every single time I see him.

Such a precious little pup.

Doesn't this shot look so natural and not staged at all? This is what Felice and I do when she comes to my house for the day to work. She's doing real world work while I distract her. Sounds about right to me.

I surprisingly saw my big out in Asbury Park and could not have been more ecstatic! No matter what, she can always put a smile on my face!

My big, my cuzo, and I out at Porta! I love my fam <3

All of the girls out in Asbury! There's never a dull moment with the 4 of them :)

My outfit for a "meet & greet" at a family friend's company!

Since it was in the city and I had an interview the next day there as well, I was lucky enough to stay at my brother's apartment. Aka...hang out with this little munchkin.

My outfit for my interview the next day! I'm totally not one to do business professional, but I managed to put my own twist and style into it. Not too shabby, if I may say so myself!

June was also filled with many fire pit gatherings at Kelli's house. We even made s'mores one night! Nothing like sitting around a fire, listening to old songs, and reminiscing with your closest friends.

The next day some of the Crazy Fatties and I went crabbing in Point Pleasant! I've never done that before but it was so much fun!

Even though it wasn't what we expected...this was SO COOL! One of our cages caught an eel, a crab, and a blowfish! You can even see it all blown up in the top right corner.

I love my girls. Through thick & thin.

One weekend, Pat and I spontaneously went to AC hoping we would somehow be able to get into the Hardwell show. An HQ promoter that we had met was actually able to get us in AND we were front row!

The last celebration of the month was Pat's graduation party! This is what I wore..eventually I took the headband off because I felt like Cleopatra haha.

So that was my June! A lot of things to celebrate in one month, but it was all so much fun! Keep an eye out for my July highlights...can you guess what you'll see? Probably not fireworks or anything...



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