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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday everyone!

These past couple of weeks have been quite eventful for me. Since I'm getting back into the swing of blogging more often, I thought I'd update you on more than just this past weekend.

About 2 weeks ago, Pat decided that we should spontaneously go to the O.A.R. concert in my town. The free VIP tickets were also probably a big selling point haha.

Rachel, Marlo, & I. Love these girls \^^^/
Couldn't be happier!
The concert was, to no surprise, amazing!! Being that O.A.R. is Pat's favorite band, he normally gets really upset after seeing them in concert because it means that he probably won't get to see them for another year or so. This time, however, we actually had planned tickets to go see them in Philly the following Friday!

Pier's Landing was absolutely gorgeous. I still can't get over the view you have when you're inside the venue. The entire concert area is outdoors and we lucked out on such a beautiful night.

{ Steve, Jess, Pat, & I }
Fireworks over the bridge during the show!

Tops: Target || Shorts: Kohls
This is what it's like when I have to choose an outfit for an outing. Clothes everywhere. Tags on everything. Sending 100 pictures to my girlfriends to help me choose! I ended up going with the one on the left :) I thought it was more daytime appropriate.

This past week my family from Mexico was visiting for the week! My uncle and his son, as well as my 2 other cousins who are my age, came for the week to explore New York and enjoy some pool time at my house.

You think we're normal....
But we're really not.
Last Sunday we went to see Matilda the Musical. It was such a cute production and I can't get over how talented the young actors were!

After the show, we went to Fulton Market and walked around a bit before grabbing a bite to eat. When you're in and out of the city every day, you sometimes forget the small wonders you can find around New York.

Selfies on the mezzanine.
It was so good to see these two! We used to spend all of our summers together and visited each other a lot more often when we were younger. I can't wait to see them again :)

This past weekend was a pretty casual one, nothing too crazy. Oh, except that I beat Pat in mini golf!! Nothing like beating the most competitive person on this planet.

I totally got duped out of a hole-in-one at this hole..
After a crazy (but fun) couple of weeks, I ended this past weekend in the best possible.

17 years going strong!

Top & Sweater: Marshalls || Jeans: Old Navy || Shoes: Steve Madden (old) || Bag: Marshalls (old)
This girl has been my best friend since we were in the 2nd grade. When we got to high school she ended up going to a private school in a different town. Once college came she went all the way to Miami. I don't get to see her that often now, but when I do it's like we never left each others side. I'm so glad I got to get dim sum with her and her parents before she went back!!

Do you have any close friends that moved away?

What did you do this weekend?!


  1. Love those shorts from Kohls!!

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