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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mamma Mia!

Last night I had the wonderful pleasure of attending another one of Inglot Cosmetics' events in New York City! Just like the last one, this event was so much fun and I'm so grateful I was able to join.

Similar to The Lion King event, Mamma Mia and Inglot worked together to create a set of vibrant collections. From the hot pink eye shadows to the bright blue lipstick (which smelled amazing by the way), make up lovers can run wild with these palettes! Though they may not fit into my every day routine, these colors are surely something I would love to play around with.

With a variety of bright colors, these palettes made me think of warmer weather -- which is certainly a nice change from what we've been experiencing recently.

While at the Inglot studio, I was able to meet some of the show's cast including the lovely actress who plays Sophie. They were all so sweet and beautiful and looked amazing in the Gimme Gimme Glitter collection!

Mamma Mia's Sophie on the left!
Some of the cast and Mr. Inglot himself!


Glad my mom was able to join me this time!
Everyone enjoying the event!

Thank you again to Inglot Cosmetics and Mamma Mia for hosting such a great event! I look forward to seeing the show this season!

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