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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat


Even though I didn't do anything extravagant this year, I still wanted to dress up for all the little trick or treaters. I opted for a DIY, last minute, "I'm not trying" costume. (Probably because I have a fear of wasting a good outfit/costume when no one will see it.)

404 Error: Costume Cannot Be Found

Being that my family is a bunch o' nerds, I thought I would try to finally fit in! My dad couldn't stop laughing and begged to take a picture of me haha.

Materials: Old white tee, black Sharpie, and a magazine or piece of cardboard to place in between.

Here's a little #TBT to my freshman year of college. I can't believe how young we look!

What were you guys?!

Also -- in the spirit of Halloween -- the UPS Store gifted me with a little treat:

Ahhh! I'm so excited to finally have my gold iPhone 5S!!! It's so beautiful. I really can't put it down. Do any of you have the new iPhone?


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